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Polis- och preventionsforskning i Norden, del 1, 2014-02-6

Föreläsare: Helen Gundhus, professor vid Politihogskolen Oslo

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Researcher misconduct and misbehaving scientic journals

Dan Larhammar, professor of molecular cell biology at Uppsala University Several cases of research fraud have been exposed during the past several years with Andrew…

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Global Mycotoxin Challenges - Analytical methods and toxicological aspects

Michael Rychlik, Professor in Analytical Food Chemistry, Technische Universität München According to a WHO estimation about 25% of agricultural commodities…

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Vad är det som gör vissa sjukdomar farliga och andra snälla? Hur uppkommer nya sjukdomar?

Föreläsare: Jonas Waldenström, professor i mikrobiologi, Linnéuniversitetet (tyvärr ljudproblem i början av inspelningen)

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Eye movements and their fascinating revelations about the eye and the brain

Speaker: António Filipe Macedo, Senior lecturer, MeO The direction of your eyes reveals an impressive amount of information! The execution of a precise eye movement requires a combination of…

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Watching animals from space: understanding behaviour & ecology through biologging, remote sensing, and movement models

Lecture: Mariëlle van Toor, Postdoc in the Zoonotic Ecology & Epidemiology group, BoM We are living in exciting times: On October 12, a rocket will be on its way to the ISS, carrying a…

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Imitating Nature ́s high-performance fiber, the spider silk, in diabetes research

Speaker: Ulrika Johansson, Associate senior lecturer, KoB The loss of insulin producing cells characterise Type I diabetes. Type I diabetes is currently representing around 10 % of all diabetic…

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New insights on old insights on why adding water to a whiskey might be a good idea

Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Björn CG Karlsson, Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences, Linnæus University. 2017-10-27

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Using computational strategies to study the origin to the molecular memory demonstrated by molecularly imprinted polymers

Lecturer; Gustaf Olsson, postdoc, KoB, Linnæus University. 2017-11-10 For most of us, many aspects of everyday life involve a computer. Research in…

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eHealth for a safe and appropriate use of medications

Lecturer: Tora Hammar, senior lecturer, eHealth Institute, MEO Medication is an essential part of health care and the…

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Chickens – domestication, stress and welfare

Speaker: Maria Ericsson, senior lecturer, BoM The domestication process of the Chicken was initiated around 8000 years ago and has led to remarkable changes in chicken morphology, physiology and…

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