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Nearly one in ten 15-year-olds in Sweden take care of a sick or disabled relative

Elizabeth Hanson, professor of health sciences and principal investigator, presents the Me-We project that will strengthen the resilience of adolescent young carers and make a positive contribution…

Från  Anders Runesson 11 månader sedan 23 views 0  

Qualitative and quantitative methods Abuse in health care an example

Lecture about qualitative and quantitative methods Abuse in health care, an example

Från  Jonas Nilsson 11 månader sedan 61 views 0  

eHealth for a safe and appropriate use of medications

Lecturer: Tora Hammar, senior lecturer, eHealth Institute, MEO Medication is an essential part of health care and the…

Från  Sandra Hedberg 11 månader sedan 2 views 0