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Conductivity of glass

A lecture demonstration of the electrical conductivity of glass at high temperature

Från  Pieter Kuiper Ett år sedan 8 views 0  

Elektrisk ledning i glas

Demonstrationsexperiment som visar att glas blir elektriskt ledande vid höga temperaturer.

Från  Pieter Kuiper Ett år sedan 3 views 0  

Sangeetha Munian, Electrical Engineering

Student from India about her studies in electrical engineering

Från  cmali Ett år sedan 283 views 0  

Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design, Master Programme

Three students at the Innovation master programme give the story about the project "Active Task Chair - Frapett".

Från  Erik Edvardsson Richter Ett år sedan 1,027 views 0  

Imagine if a machine could fix its problems automatically

Basim Al-Najjar, professor of terotechnology and project leader, presents the PreCoM project that will develop and test an intelligent system to help industry predict the need for maintenance

Från  Anders Runesson Ett år sedan 27 views 0