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Exploring Screenless Interaction for Eyes-Free Experiences by Davide Bolchini

Abstract: Current screen-centric technologies are well suited to display information visually but still pose significant challenges to people who are blind and visually impaired. Two key aspects of…

Uppladdad av  Arianit Kurti på juni 03, 2021 0  

Digital contact tracing during Covid-19: A French perspective

Using a core idea of critical social theory, alienation, this talk presents the case of failure in the design and adoption of a Stop-COVID app in France. The political and scientific discourse were…

Uppladdad av  Soumitra Chowdhury på maj 22, 2021 0  

Future of AI and Post-Pandemic Society: A Service Science Perspective by Jim Spohrer (IBM)

This talk includes a roadmap for the future of AI. The 2020-2021 pandemic is accelerating the digital (information technologies) transformation of society, including online working, learning,…

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Metadesign & Agency by Mathilda Tham

How can we find agency in complexity and uncertainty? How can we combine research and activism? Mathilda Tham will share notions of metadesign as an integrative framework for uncompromisingly…

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Design Informatics by Mikael Wiberg

In this seminar prof. Wiberg will present an initiative called ’Design Informatics’. He will describe how we have initiated this as a research environment at the department of informatics…

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Introduction lecture 4IK50E and 5IK50E

Recording of the thesis courses Introduction lecture, Jan. 21, 2019

Uppladdad av  Anita Mirijamdotter på januari 23, 2019 0