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Meeting rooms level 1 - en

How to use Meeting Rooms, level 1, at Linnaeus University. Meeting rooms level 1 are rooms for meetings with Zoom or Skype for Business. You have to bring your own computer and have the program…

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This film is about Meeting room level 2, those meeting rooms are equipped with Polycom video conferencing equipment.

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Mötesrum Nivå 1 - sv

Den här filmen handlar om Mötesrum nivå 1, som är ett e-mötesrum avsett för att använda med din egen dator och tjänster som Zoom och Skype för…

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KM lecture Dave Randall

The CSCW view of Knowledge Management - Dave Randall. Affiliated Professor, Linnaeus University November 28, 2018

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Cajsa – student at the Peace and Development Work Master Programme

Meet Cajsa Larson from USA. She is studying the Master Programme Peace and Development Work, at Linnaeus University.

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Lovina Primadica, Peace and Development Studies

Student from Indonesia about her studies in Peace and Development

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